Борислав Ravvinoff (ravvinoff) wrote,
Борислав Ravvinoff

Готовясь к экзамену

Моя активность в ЖЖ на некоторое время спала, причина тому - экзамены. Да, я снова вляпался в учебу☺ И ... возможно вернусь к преподаванию. Все зависит от этих чертовых экзаменов.
Завтра по английской мове меня будут пытать.
Если есть знатоки инглиша, а я знаю, что среди моих друзей таковые есть, помогите с вот таким текстом:

I would like to introduce myself before answering the questions. My name is Borislav Ravvinov. I go in for various advertising researches. For example, my graduation project explored social aspect of advertising.  The name of my graduation work was “Prevention of suicidal behavior among youths by means of the social media advertising”. In future I would like to study and research various advertising aspects as well as the influence of advertising over the social environment. I have already got several scientific publications in some students’ edited volumes. All my publications are dedicated to advertising.
In 2010 my article “Web-site promotion based on video” was published. It features a low budget though efficient promotion of a web-site in the Internet with the use of video hosting services.
In 2011 there was a publication at the scientific interuniversity conference: “Scientific potential of the 21st century.  Humane technologies: tendencies in advertising and public relations”. The name of the article was The Advertising. Cultural phenomenon is meme. Culture determines advertising. All the advertising clips, all the prints and promotional materials as well as full range of advertising gifts are subordinated to the cultural tendencies and values.
Not only culture rules advertising but advertising also forms culture. Many advertising phrases have come into the culture having become aphorisms: “Why do we stay here? Whom are we waiting for?”, “Where have you been? I’ve drunk beer” etc.
Last year the article “Troll is a profession”  appeared as a part of the collection “Advertising vector” of  Moscow Peoples' Friendship University of Russia publishing.  The article reviews the use of “trolling” in advertising and PR technologies.
As is clear from the said, the further researches and surveys will be closely connected with advertising.
Here I would like to finish my introduction and to proceed to the next questions.

Что-то я совсем попутался. Хотя чего там, не зная языка пытаюсь его сдать☺☺☺
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